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Hello Binaca Fans... Vote for you favorite Binaca flavor here.

Binaca has teamed up with Tongal to find the best remake of a famous movie clip using Binaca in the scene. Think you have what it takes to make the best clip and get the most views. If your video receives more than 1,000,000 views on your channel, that's right 1 million views, you will win a Smart Car. Watch the video to what other kind of prizes you can win for getting views.

A yummy spray of flavor that instantly freshens your mouth. It's specially formulated to kill germs that cause bad breath. So you can be ready for anything, anytime. Small enough to carry and big enough to share: Fastblast has 300 sprays, Aeroblast has 150 sprays.
  • Eliminates after-taste to freshen your breath:
    • after coffee, after lunch, after anything
  • Kills bad breath germs to freshen your breath:
    • before school, before work, before a kiss
  • No brainer to freshen your breath:
    • zero calories, zero chewing, zero crunching
Ready to freshen your breath?
Select from our three breathtaking flavors:
Peppermint (Hot)
Spearmint (Cool)
Cinnamon (Spicy)

More flavors are under development. Got ideas? Please share them with us on Facebook. Just "like" Binaca to join. If your ideas are legit, you will hear from us directly and you may be invited to taste test.

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